Desk Clock with wood and resin

Desk Clock with wood and resin

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Crafted with utmost care by the talented artisan Mona, each clock is a masterpiece in itself. Made from authentic Australian native burl wood and resin, these clocks offer a touch of nature's beauty within your space.

Powered by a top-tier American quartz mechanism, these clocks assure accurate timekeeping and come backed by a 2-year Australian warranty. Embrace these clocks as not just timekeepers, but as captivating statement pieces that elevate your home decor to new heights.

The mesmerizing green ocean hues pay homage to the breathtaking reef landscapes seen from above, as the organic edges of the wood echo the contours of the land itself.


Approximately measuring at 125 mm in diameter and 30mm in thickness, with the mechanism recessed into the piece for a seamless look.


Mona, the visionary behind these creations, is not only the designer but also the maker, pouring her passion and perfectionism into every intricate detail.


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