Hello! My name is Mona and I am a self-taught wood and resin artist based in Brisbane, Australia. I am the owner and creator behind River Timber Designs, where I specialise in creating unique and one-of-a-kind pieces using a combination of wood and resin.
I have always had a love for art and design, and I discovered my passion for working with wood and resin a few years ago. Since then, I have been honing my skills and techniques, and I am constantly learning and experimenting with new materials and techniques.
I am inspired by the natural beauty of wood and the endless possibilities that resin allows for. Each piece I create is carefully planned and crafted by hand, ensuring that each one is truly special and one-of-a-kind.
I am so grateful to be able to share my art with others, and I hope that my pieces bring joy and beauty to your life. Thank you for visiting my page and supporting my small business!

How it all Started


This is the (very long) tale of one child, who's journey started with dreams of creating beauty in the world, and went along a creative path that lead to the creation of River Timber Designs (the fusion of wood and resin).
My journey starts in Sweden where I was born into a family of artists, so, you see, I was exposed to art at an early age. I was drawn to music and followed my passion for singing and songwriting for most of my youth, however it was not the path I was ultimately meant to be on.
I grew up with the belief that gender does not determine capability and, when offered a choice between woodworking and sewing in year 3, it was obvious to me that the tactile material of wood was the choice to take. I was a bit of a tomboy so being surrounded by boys and tools felt right; I was in my element. 
I was always a high achiever in school and, having a creative mindset, I always wanted to create the most elaborate pieces in my class. 
In High School I was disappointed that the music major that I was studying didn't allow for a woodworking elective. So being the head strong individual that I am, I marched into the principal's office and "demanded" to be offered a woodworking class. 
Once I had finished school I moved across the world on my own and landed in Brisbane, Australia, and for the following decade I worked in a Music Academy, ran a Poker start up, and managed a Travel agency. 
So, now you ask, "How did you end up back in woodworking 15 years later?".
Well, in 2018 I sustained an injury from work and I spent the following year reflecting on my future.  At the same time, we milled a large gumtree that had fallen on our property, and watching this majestic tree showcase its internal beauty hooked me, yet again, in the woodworking vortex. I can't believe that this tree that was doomed to be cut into firewood was the fuel for my once neglected creativity.
During my years of recovery I spent much of this time developing skills in wood and resin work, focusing on creating beautiful, functional things with my hands. I knew that I was not going to allow my injury to hinder my future, and when I learned to work with my injury, instead of seeing the pain as the enemy, I allowed my body to start healing and be able to create on a daily basis.
As I reflect on why I create, I think of the quote from Amit Kalantri 

"An artist who works with his hands, his head and his heart at the same time creates a masterpiece"

I want to create a masterpiece for you that you can cherish with your friends and family in your home, to create wearable art that brightens your every day and to create timeless pieces of art that can be passed down generations. 

Watch me make my signature wood and resin Earring in the workshop, whilst I share how I started River Timber Designs ->