Mona Seul, Swedish-born founder of River Timber Designs is a self-taught contemporary artist.

Working primarily with high-quality wood and resins, Mona handcrafts a range of functional homewares alongside her distinctive line of jewellery pieces.

Drawing inspiration from Australian natural landscapes, due to her chosen practice, Mona’s designs are all one of a kind. Working with natural-edged timbers maintains the grain of the wood, allowing the natural beauty of the timbers to remain intact and shine. Mona’s high-quality production techniques and attention to detail facilitates a long-lasting product.


River Timber Designs items are perfect as a birthday gift or why not just grab a treat for yourself! Mona would also love to hear from you if you have an idea for a custom-made piece for a special occasion such as a wedding or anniversary.

How it all Started

It all started from one tree, a salvaged tree that had fallen in a storm on Mona’s property in West Brisbane, Australia.
It was decided that this tree should be saved, so Mona arranged a portable mill to create usable slabs from the logs.

Discovering the inner beauty of that very tree inspired Mona to create with wood and resin, forging her first piece in late 2018.

From her love of woodworking and her desire to create quality products to be worn and kept in the home, River Timber Designs was born.